Travel Agent Academy

Did you know that Travel Agents are still in high demand? Statistics show that 1 out of 2 people who book their own vacation on an online booking website will go back to a travel agent the next time.

Most people are confused as to how we are able to offer the same rates or even better rates than what can be found online without charging our clients additional fees. It’s simple! We are a top producing agency with most tour operators and earn 15-22% commission on each booking. The tour companies pay us, our clients do not. This makes it even easier to sell travel! We save our clients time and money while providing product knowledge and customer service that an online booking site simply cannot provide.


Canary Travel is a leisure agency. The majority of our bookings include vacation packages to Mexico, the Caribbean, Disney, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Cruises and Escorted European Vacations. How is Canary Travel different from other agencies? Why choose Canary? First, we are the official agency of FOX 8 News and The New Day Cleveland Show with weekly air time on FOX 8. Being affiliated with one of the most reputable, well known travel agencies in Northeast Ohio is a valuable sales tool in itself. In addition to our affiliation with FOX 8, we are not a “host agency” where you pay a mandatory monthly fee regardless of whether or not you are selling. You will only pay a one-time fee for your training.  Another significant difference is that we offer complimentary continuing education classes throughout the year, along with sales support.


Our goal is that once you have completed the three day course you will feel confident enough to approach potential clients. We will educate you on different destinations, how to qualify your travelers, marketing, and finally how to close sales, book and manage reservations. You will be provided with a binder including travel profiles (questionnaires) to help you assess your client’s individual travel needs, tour operator contact information, and additional resources. We assure you that after day two you will be excited to start passing out business cards. Some of you will use this to supplement your current income while others will eventually transition into selling full time. I was able to leave my office job and now work part-time from home!  Remember, it has taken years for Canary Travel to build a brand that we are very proud of and to establish our reputation as an industry leader. We want educated outside agents to represent us well in the community and we will be here after the training is complete to help ensure your success. We are only a phone call, email, or Facebook message away! Once all of the required coursework has been completed and you are actively booking travel you will be given the opportunity for discounted travel, and Familiarization Trips to different destinations.  We will provide you with weekly specials from our tour operators, discount codes, webinars and travel shows. This is a fun, dynamic industry! We love sending everyone on vacation and know that you will to!

The cost of the class is $495.00 and covers our meeting space and your materials. Again, there aren’t any additional fees. It is a small investment that most agents recover in just one or two bookings. We are looking for sales people who are interested in learning the travel business. Please review the suggested list of knowledge, skills and abilities below. Our most successful agents will possess the following:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent Communication Skills, both verbal and written
  • Strong ability to build relationships with clients and obtain referrals for future business
  • Willing to invest time in destination, product, sales and customer service training
  • Knowledge of computer technology with basic understanding of Microsoft Office and how to use the Internet
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to research different, unfamiliar destinations (we will provide resources)
  • Ability to assess travel needs using the tools provided



We currently do not have any future dates set for our travel agent academy.